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  • Weisen Packing is trying to provide one-step solutions to those who need eco-friendly packaging to pack their products for different purposes, like storage, shipping. We keep searching and developing new eco-friendly packaging that satifisy the vairous demands of clients.

    Our mission is that all items can be packed with eco-friendly packaging and make the world better. All the human would live in a beautiful earth

Development history

In 1999,

Our fist factory was found on 1999 and it was specialized in producing plastic packaging, like OPP, PET, CPP, laminated bags etc.

Since 2014,

We found that more and more people pay attention to the environment, most pollution which make damage to nature and animal life are made by human and non-degradable packaging is one of the culprit.

In 2015,

Therefore, we found a new group which developed and searched eco-friendly material and packaging on 2015.

Until now 2021,

Until now 2021, the range of products is expended, we can offer compostable bags, recycled paper packaging, non woven fabric bags etc. Our products would be more and more in future based on the eco-friendly vision.

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