What Is the Difference Between White Kraft Paper and Yellow Kraft Paper
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What Is the Difference Between White Kraft Paper and Yellow Kraft Paper

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Because of its recyclable characteristics, kraft paper bags are becoming more and more sought after by major businesses under the trend that everyone is beginning to pursue environmental protection. In our daily life, we can also see all kinds of packaging made of kraft paper. There are many colors of kraft paper, including natural color, yellow kraft paper, white kraft paper, black kraft paper, etc. Even the color of both sides of the same kraft paper can be made different. In daily applications, white kraft paper can be mainly used for printing, and many printing factories will find this paper for printing. The yellow kraft paper is generally used as a paper bag packaging. Do you know what is different between different colors of kraft paper? Today we will take white and yellow kraft paper as an example to tell you the difference between different colors of kraft paper.

1. The color is different

The common kraft paper is mainly white and yellow, I believe everyone is very clear about this. White kraft paper is white on both sides, yellow kraft paper is yellow on both sides, and there is a coated kraft paper with one side yellow and other side white. Of course, the colors of kraft paper are not limited to these, there are also many other colors of kraft paper.

2. The usage is different

White kraft paper is mainly used for printing. Many printing factories use this paper for printing. It can also be used for envelopes, archives, handbags, shopping bags, etc.

But yellow kraft paper is mainly used for packaging materials under normal circumstances. For example, various high-end commodity packaging, such as gift boxes for wine boxes, sportswear, etc. Of course, it can also be used as shopping bags, such as shopping bags commonly found in shopping malls and brand stores.

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3. The price is different

White leather is more expensive than other colors of kraft paper, mainly due to the material. The material used in white kraft paper is a bit more expensive than other colors of kraft paper, which also causes packaging made of white kraft paper to be more expensive than yellow kraft paper.

4. The material is different

Ordinary kraft paper, what we are talking about here is yellow kraft paper, it is generally made of wood pulp. However, the materials used for white kraft paper are a little different. The surface of white kraft paper is made of bleached wood pulp, while the core and base pulp are made of natural wood pulp.

5. The printing effect is different

The color of yellow kraft paper after printing is not as smooth as that of white kraft paper. When printing on yellow kraft paper, there are generally few or almost no full pages. In terms of printing, the price of white kraft paper is more expensive than that of yellow kraft paper. But when full-page printing is required, it is better to choose white kraft paper. If your requirements are not high, yellow kraft paper is also okay.

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