Tips for the Production of Packaging Bags
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Tips for the Production of Packaging Bags

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Today we will introduce to you some tips in the production process of packaging bags, such as ink mixing skills, printing plate safety tips, maturation judgment tips and so on. Mastering these tips in packaging bags production is of great help to improving production efficiency and technical level.

1. Tips for ink blending

If there is a lack of hue, the ink of the corresponding hue is needed. For example, in orange ink, when red is lacking, a small amount of red ink can be added.

When removing more hues in a certain hue, the hues that are complementary to each other should be correctly selected. In packaging bags production practice, sometimes in order to make it whiter, a small amount of ultramarine is added to the white ink to eliminate the yellow in the white to achieve the goal. And as long as a small amount of titanium blue is added to the black ink, the yellow tint in the black ink can be eliminated.

When preparing light-colored ink, add colored ink to white ink instead of adding white ink to colored ink. When preparing dark inks, black ink must be added to the color ink, and the color ink must not be added to the black ink. Because black ink has strong tinting power, if you add too much carelessly, you need to add quite a lot of color ink to adjust the color. When observing the color samples, it is best to proceed under a standard light source and use the same base plate.

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2. Tips for printing plate installation

Check the network cable and layout to ensure that there are no bumps, scratches, and chromium drops. Pay attention to the direction and position of the plate to ensure that the vertical alignment is basically correct.

Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the inside of the plug and the plug when installing the plate to prevent assembly errors caused by foreign objects.

3. Tips for judging the curing

The curing time refers to the continuous curing time, not the cumulative time after intermittent curing. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to wait for the main agent and curing agent to fully react before they are fully cured. However, some emergency-produced retort pouches need to be fully cured, that is, customers will use them immediately. Although the peel strength of the packaging bags produced by these two methods is not much different, the temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are quite different.

According to the state of the adhesive after the curing is completed, it can be judged whether the curing agent and the main agent are suitable. If the adhesive is not dry, it indicates that the content of the curing agent is too small. If the adhesive is hard and brittle, it indicates that the content of the curing agent is too high.

4. Tips for checking whether the tension matches when compounding

You can stop during the laminating process, and use a blade to draw a cross on the composite film at the winding position. The most ideal state is that the composite film remains flat after scribing. If the composite film is curled in a certain direction, it means that the tension of the film is too large, and the tension of the film should be appropriately reduced or the tension of the other film should be increased.

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