Three Hidden Usages of Paper Cups
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Three Hidden Usages of Paper Cups

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In daily life, you can see disposable paper cups at work or at home, so everyone is no stranger to it. So, do you know any use of disposable paper cups at home besides drinking water? Today, I will share with you the hidden uses of 3 disposable paper cups, which are both cost-effective and practical. Now let's take a look at the hidden uses of disposable paper cups at home!

Usage 1: Storage

I believe most people think that disposable paper cups are just for drinking water. In fact, there is a hidden usage if you put it in the bathroom. First, you prepare a disposable paper cup, and then use scissors to cut the disposable paper cup in half and divide it into two. Next, we apply a little hot melt glue on the edge of the cut paper cup and stick it on the wall of the bathroom. Such a simple bathroom storage artifact is completed. We can put the toothpaste, toothbrush, cosmetics and other daily necessities on the bathroom vanity in the disposable paper cup. This is not only beautiful and tidy, but also frees up more space for the sink.

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Usage 2: Save water

Generally, when people wash their hands after going to the toilet, a large amount of water will be sprayed out when they turn on the faucet. However, washing one's hands does not need so much water, so it will waste water. Even if we think about adjusting the faucet later, this gap time is a waste of water. At this point, if you have a disposable paper cup at home, it can help you solve this problem. We only need to cut a faucet-sized hole at the bottom of the paper cup, and then put the disposable paper cup on top of the faucet. In this way, when you turn on the faucet to wash your hands, the water will disperse, and the contact area between the water and your hands will become larger, which shortens the time for washing your hands and avoids wasting water, thereby saving water.

Usage 3: Make tea

Every family will inevitably come to some guests, if you directly pour cold water to the guests, it will be a bit monotonous, so many families will choose to make tea to entertain the guests. But what if there is no tea set for making tea? What should you do if you have a tea set but there are too many steps to make tea? Don't be afraid when you encounter such a problem, let me teach you a simple way to make tea. First prepare 2 disposable paper cups, and then poke some small holes in the bottom of one of the paper cups with a toothpick. The next step is more critical. We put the paper cup with a small hole on top of another intact paper cup, and then pour the tea and warm water. After the tea leaves are brewed, slowly lift the upper paper cup and let the tea made in the paper cup flow into the lower paper cup. This not only saves time and convenience, but also filters out the tea leaves.

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