The Trend of Packaging Design in the E-Commerce Era
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The Trend of Packaging Design in the E-Commerce Era

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When online shopping has become more important to our daily lives than before, businesses have experienced tremendous challenges. Since merchants must meet consumers at home instead of in stores, smart merchants use different methods to establish emotional connections with customers. Among them, product packaging is a way to establish emotional connection with customers. As parcels and packaging have become the only physical contact points for customers outside of the product itself, merchants have also raised the standard for product packaging. We can see the shift from simplicity and commerce to packaging design, packaging design itself is a work of art. Let's talk about the trend of packaging design in the e-commerce era.


1. Use of color blocks

The color blocks in the packaging have been around for a while. But in 2021, we will see new textures, unique color combinations, and different shapes that will give packaging a softer and more natural feel. These designs avoid straight lines or color boxes, but prefer uneven shapes, smooth lines, and sometimes even tiny patterns that look like they are directly extracted from nature. Although these designs may seem casual at first, this careful placement of complementary elements gently creates a harmonious pattern in a way that is pleasing to people.

2. Perfect symmetry

Speaking of pleasing to the eye, what better meets aesthetic needs than a perfectly symmetrical pattern? Unlike the imperfect shapes in the color-blocking design, some designers and brands are moving in completely opposite directions. They are creating packaging that uses precise calculations of symmetry. Whether it's small and complex illustrations, or larger, looser, and more incoherent patterns, these designs can use symmetry to balance and create visual satisfaction. Although the combination of color blocks evokes a sense of calm, these symmetrical designs attract our need for order and stability.

3. Incorporate the elements of art

The integration of artistic elements makes the packaging more aesthetic. From realistic portraits to abstract paintings, the packaging of 2021 draws inspiration from the art movement-either integrate them into design elements or use them as the focal point to enhance the overall packaging.

4. Tiny patterns can reveal more details

Packaging is not only decoration, but also a conveyance of value. In 2021, there may be designers who use illustrations or patterns to suggest what consumers will find inside the packaging. These designs do not use photography or realistic drawings, but rely on complex details to create the abstract and artistic expression of the product itself. For example, a brand that produces handmade tea may use detailed patterns made from fruits and herbs to reflect each flavor of tea.

5. Single color application

In addition to detailed drawings and illustrations, we will also see a large number of product packaging using a single color. This aesthetic design may seem simple, but it has the same impact as other complex designs. This design has a low-key elegance and self-confidence, using a single and bright color to attract buyers, and the style is also unique.


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