The Structure and Production Method of Kraft Paper Bag
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The Structure and Production Method of Kraft Paper Bag


We will see a lot of kraft paper bags in our daily lives. Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, tasteless, and non-polluting, and can meet environmental protection standards. Kraft paper is one of the most popular environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world because of its high strength and high environmental protection characteristics. Kraft paper bags made of kraft paper are more and more widely used. When shopping in supermarkets, shopping malls, shoe stores, clothing stores, etc., kraft paper bags are generally available to facilitate customers to carry the purchased items. Kraft paper bag is an environmentally friendly packaging bag with a wide variety of types.

Now let's talk about the structure of kraft paper bags. Kraft paper bags are made of wood pulp paper. The colors are generally divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper. Of course, there are also other colors of kraft paper bags. A layer of PP material can be sprayed on the kraft paper for waterproofing. The strength of kraft paper bags can be made into one to six layers according to customer requirements, and printing and bag making are integrated. The opening and closing methods of kraft paper bags are divided into heat sealing, paper sealing and paste bottom.

Because of the environmental protection characteristics, kraft paper bags are favored by everyone. Especially in European countries almost all of them are using kraft papekraft paper bagr bags. And now I will introduce to you several ways to make kraft paper bags.

1. Small white kraft paper bag. Generally, such bags are large in number and widely used. Therefore, many businesses require such kraft paper bags to be cheap and durable. Usually, this kind of kraft paper bag is formed by machine, and the machine is attached to the rope. Its production is completely operated by the machine.

2. Medium-sized kraft paper bag. Usually medium-sized kraft paper bags are made by machine-attached synthetic type and then hand-attached rope. Because some kraft paper bag forming equipment is limited by the forming size, and the kraft paper bag rope attaching machine can only attach the rope of smaller handbags, the method of medium kraft paper bag is restricted by the machine. Many bags cannot be completed by machines alone, and require manual assistance.

3. Large-size kraft paper bags. Large-size kraft paper bags include reversed kraft paper bags, thicker yellow kraft paper bags and so on. These kraft paper bags must be made purely by hand. There is no machine that can solve these kraft paper bag forming problems. Therefore, such kraft paper bags can only be made by hand. The production cost of such kraft paper bags is relatively high and the quantity will not be large.

4. No matter what kind of kraft paper bags mentioned above, if the quantity is not large enough, they are generally made by hand. Because machine-made kraft paper bags have a large loss, the production cost of small batches will be very high.

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