The History and Development Prospects of Kraft Paper Bags
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The History and Development Prospects of Kraft Paper Bags

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Everyone should have noticed that there are a lot of kraft paper bags as packaging when shopping now. Speaking of the first kraft paper bag for shopping, it was born in 1908 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. In order to promote sales growth, a local grocery store owner Walter Duvina began to look for new ways to allow consumers to buy more things at one time. He believes that it should be a prefabricated bag that is inexpensive and easy to use, and can bear at least 75 pounds. After repeated experiments, he finally made this ideal shopping bag with kraft paper. This is the birth of the first kraft paper bag.

The emergence of kraft paper bags has changed the limit on the amount of shopping people can only carry with their hands. It also makes consumers no longer have to worry about not taking away the purchased products, which reduces the pleasure of shopping. If the birth of kraft paper bags has promoted the development of the entire retail industry, it may be an exaggeration. But it at least reveals the phenomenon to merchants that you can't predict how much consumers will buy until the customer's shopping experience becomes as comfortable, relaxed and convenient as possible. It was this point that attracted the attention of latecomers to the consumer shopping experience, and at the same time promoted the later development of supermarket shopping baskets and shopping carts.

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More than half a century after the invention of kraft paper bags, the development of kraft paper shopping bags can be described as smooth. The improvement of the material of the kraft paper bag has continuously enhanced its load-bearing capacity and its appearance has become more and more exquisite. Manufacturers printed various trademarks and patterns on the kraft paper bags, allowing the kraft paper bags to enter the shops in the streets and alleys.

But until the middle of the 20th century, the emergence of plastic shopping bags became another major revolution in the history of shopping bags. Plastic bags eclipse the once-popular kraft paper bags with the advantages of lighter, thinner, stronger, and lower manufacturing costs. Since then, plastic bags have become the first choice for daily consumption, and cowhide bags have gradually ceased to be popular.

However, nowadays, the environmental problems caused by plastic bags are becoming more and more serious. With the global prevalence of anti-plastic trend, environmentalists have begun to turn their attention to the ancient kraft paper bags again. For example, since 2006, McDonald's China has gradually implemented a kraft paper bag with thermal insulation properties to hold take-out food in all stores, instead of using plastic food bags. This move has also received a positive response from other businesses. For example, Nike, Adidas and other big consumers of plastic bags have begun to use high-quality kraft paper bags instead of plastic shopping bags.

From the perspective of environmental protection, kraft paper bags are a kind of packaging bag that everyone is more willing to choose nowadays. Its development prospects are also brighter.

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