The Future Development of Shipping Packaging
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The Future Development of Shipping Packaging


In recent years, with the rapid economic development, the global express logistics industry has grown rapidly, and the global express industry has flourished, which has become the basis for the continuous expansion of the shipping packaging market. Due to factors such as low cost and convenient access to raw materials, traditional packaging products have been used by many logistics companies for a long time, resulting in an increase in the consumption of shipping packaging materials year by year. But while being convenient and fast, traditional packaging products also bring a series of environmental problems. Such as the dilemma of excessive packaging and increased handling burden.

shipping bagsAt present, the general situation of non-degradable packaging products widely used in the industry is low recycling rate. Most of these packages are buried, incinerated, or directly into the natural environment such as rivers, lakes, and seas to become garbage. Therefore, greening, degradability, reduction and recyclability will become the new development direction of the packaging industry, and they will further guide the transformation of express packaging to an environmentally friendly direction.

Express logistics application materials can be divided into information labels, shipping bags, etc. They have the characteristics of one-time use and huge usage. In addition, the express logistics industry is highly concentrated, and the downstream customers of express logistics packaging are mainly express companies and logistics companies. The development of the express packaging industry is closely related to downstream companies.

According to the data in the "Package Transportation Index" published by Pitney Bowes, the volume of express logistics parcels in 13 major countries in the world has increased from 43 billion in 2014 to 87 billion in 2018, showing a trend of continuous surge. Some organizations predict that the total global package volume will reach 200 billion pieces in 2025. Such a huge market demand for shipping packaging will be a huge market opportunity for degradable express packaging!

However, in terms of the material structure of express packaging, the current main packaging materials of the express industry are still six major categories. They are express waybills/express electronic waybills, woven bags, non-degradable plastic bags, envelopes, corrugated boxes and non-degradable tapes. Among the 63.52 billion express delivery in 2019, plastic packaging delivery accounted for approximately 41.1%. Most of the packaging is plastic bags, woven bags, and filled foam materials. They have low recycling margins, and are non-degradable and large in quantity. If there is no corresponding recycling system, or the promotion and application of degradable products, these garbage will bring a great burden to the environment. Therefore, degradable materials and degradable packaging will be inseparable from the long-term prosperity of the express industry!

Due to the low concentration of the current shipping packaging industry, it has also nurtured growth opportunities. Companies with customer resources, technology and capital advantages will become industry integrators and beneficiaries in the future. They will have the opportunity to further increase their market share and enhance their position in the industry through mergers and acquisitions and other means.

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