The Future Development of Paper Material Packaging
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The Future Development of Paper Material Packaging


Among the four pillar packaging materials of paper, plastic, metal and glass, paper packaging has the fastest growth. This is mainly because the price of paper is the cheapest and it can be recycled or used as plant fertilizer without polluting the environment. So, how will paper packaging materials develop?

1. The high-quality and lightweight trend of packaging paper, cardboard and cardboard paper

In order to make full use of natural resources and reduce the cost of postal and transportation as much as possible, the production of a variety of light paper, cardboard and packaging cardboard is the current development trend of paper products in all countries in the world. China has already proposed to use lightweight paper in newsprint, letterpress and offset printing paper, paper bag, etc., and has begun to produce lightweight paper. Products such as packaging paper and cardboard should also be high-quality, lightweight and diversified. Especially the most used corrugated base paper and kraft cardboard paper. According to the large demand for high-end packaging boxes in the Chinese market, three low-quantity products should be added on the premise of appropriately improving the quality of the original products, so that people can have more choices.

2. Develop functional special paper for food packaging

China's current whiteboard paper has a single variety, and there is no classification to distinguish different packaging materials, and there is no special food packaging paper produced for different food needs. Pastry boxes, fast food boxes, and other food packaging paperboards that are directly imported into food, because they do not have oil resistance, the phenomenon of oil leakage is quite common after food packaging bags are packed with oily foods. In the future, we will develop and produce functional special paper for packaging different foods.

paper bag

3. Development of plant fiber snack box

With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection and the actual needs of life, food packaging products such as disposable paper boxes are popular. However, the cost of paper boxes is relatively high, so there is a great need to develop fast food boxes using rice straw, wheat straw, bagasse, chaff and other crop fibers as raw materials. Such products are competitive in price. They can be used and degraded to raise fertile soil. The resources are fully utilized and will have good economic and social benefits.

4. Research and develop natural and green packaging materials

In addition to being used as the material for fast food boxes, natural plant fibers can also be rolled or woven into convenient bags. Some natural plant fibers are long and strong, and are easier to woven into grass-based bags. Bamboo, natural shrubs, wicker, etc. can also be woven into packaging containers such as baskets or made into natural bamboo tubes to hold fruits, vegetables, tea, etc.

The above are some of the future development trends of packaging materials. Of course, as one of the packaging materials, paper materials will continue to improve and bring us different applications.

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