Several Knowledges About Modern Packaging Design
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Several Knowledges About Modern Packaging Design


Nowadays, packaging has evolved from a purely protective product at the beginning to a major carrier to increase product value and promote consumption, and sometimes has to undertake more social functions. So today we will introduce some of the characteristics that need to be reflected in the packaging design of the new era.

1. Ecological packaging design

The so-called ecological design is the persistence of the design concept of harmony and unity between mankind and nature. It emphasizes taking from nature and returning to nature, so that the entire packaging can be recycled and reused in the process of use. The original ecological packaging design advocates the natural function of raw materials. Therefore, in the selection of materials, choose those natural, green, healthy, and environmentally friendly original materials, combined with simple design principles. This maximizes the original shape and effect, restoring the original taste of the packaging. At the same time, this type of packaging also pays attention to recycling, which effectively reduces the damage to the environment.

2. Interesting packaging design

Interesting packaging can attract consumers' attention with its unique and novel design methods and design ideas. At the same time, it has a psychological resonance with consumers, and brings consumers a happy and pleasant experience. When designing interesting packaging, the designer will combine the internal and external related components of the product to show the characteristics of the product in a unique packaging form, thereby effectively attracting the attention of consumers. The most representative one is the bionic packaging design, which is mainly to imitate the characteristics of various creatures in nature. Humorous graphics are also a type often used in interesting packaging design. This kind of graphics is relatively simpler than the bionic design. Under normal circumstances, you only need to anthropomorphize, exaggerate, or deform the graphics to get the desired effect.

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3. Serialized packaging design

At present, serialization has become a popular form in international packaging design. The reason why it is popular is that this type of packaging is almost everywhere, especially its similar design style makes the product packaging more eye-catching and powerful, which deepens the impression of consumers to a certain extent and expands the sales of products.

4. Emotional packaging design

Emotional packaging design is mainly expressed from the following two aspects.

①    Emotionalization of text.

Text is a symbol of recording language and an important way of information dissemination. In order to highlight the fun, designers often make reasonable use of typical representatives of text, such as calligraphy.

②   Emotionalization of colors and graphics.

Color has a strong visual impact, and the different emotional meanings of different colors can enhance consumers' awareness of commodities and produce rich emotional experiences. The intuitive characteristics of graphics can enable consumers to intuitively grasp product information and enhance the effect of visually conveying emotions.

In general, excellent packaging design must be boldly pioneering and innovative on the basis of original functions and characteristics.

Excellent packaging not only achieves outstanding personality, but also realizes diversified functions, so as to increase the value of goods and stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

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