Items That Can Be Packed in Compostable Plastic Shipping Bags
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Items That Can Be Packed in Compostable Plastic Shipping Bags

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Poly mailers are elastic-like envelope packaging. They are often used for packaging. They are made of 100% polyethylene material, they are lightweight, durable and tear resistant. Therefore, they are very suitable for packaging clothing and non-fragile products. They also come with self-sealing adhesive strips and tear tabs that are easy to open. For e-commerce companies, poly mailers can replace the boxes to ship goods to customers.

If you want to ensure that your product is packaged correctly for shipping, it is essential that you choose the correct shipping bags. Since the packaging of certain items requires special requirements (such as fragile items), choosing the right type of transport packaging can help your transaction. Regarding poly mailer bags there are some specific e-commerce products that are best suited for this type of packaging.

1. Fabric-Based & Clothing Products

Poly mailer bags are best suited for products that won’t be damaged should they be buried underneath heavier items. Clothing and fabric-based products tend to be ideal for these types of shipping bags because they can’t be smashed. If you sell apparel, or other items like face-masks, bedding, or other uncrushable products, poly mailer bags is your best choice for packaging.

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2. Books and other printed products like magazines, newspapers

Naturally printed products like books are ideal for poly mailer bags because they will retain their shape during shipping. When choosing this type of packaging, you can also use cushioning materials such as foam packaging to add a protective layer to ensure that books or printed materials will not warp or scratch. If you work with a company specializing in poly mailer bags, they can guarantee that your books and printed media will reach customers without being damaged.

3. Wellness & Beauty Products

Most wellness and beauty products sold online can be shipped in poly mailer bags. For example, vitamins, nutritional products, and some cosmetics.

If the shell of your product is sturdy and tightly sealed, it will not break when it is in a dangerous state, so it is safe to pack them with poly mailer bags. Rather than purchasing large, oversized boxes, or containers, smaller poly mailer bags make an ideal investment and will save a lot of space at your warehouse. When the packaging of the product received by the customer is obviously not suitable for the product or packaging that is too large, any customer will feel the packaging is not good.

You can work with packaging manufacturers to determine the best solution for your business, thereby improving customer satisfaction. If you want to custom good poly mailer bags, Weisen can help you choose the ideal one for your product, thereby helping you get customer satisfaction.

Of course, someone may want to know can Poly Mail be recycled? The answer is Yes. Poly mailer bags is recyclable! Most poly mailer bag is made of environmentally friendly materials. They can be recycled and degraded. It is definitely good for environment.


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