Introduction to Green Packaging
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Introduction to Green Packaging

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Green packaging design is a packaging design process with environment and resources as the core concepts. Specifically, it refers to the selection of suitable green packaging materials and the use of green technology to design structural modeling and beautifying decorations for the packaging.

1. Materials of green packaging

The materials of green packaging include basic materials, such as paper materials, plastic materials, glass materials, metal materials, ceramic materials, bamboo and wood materials, leather materials, and other composite materials, as well as auxiliary materials, such as adhesives, coatings, and inks etc.

Materials are the basis for the three major functions of packaging, including protection, convenience, and sales. It is directly related to the overall functions and economic costs of packaging, production and processing methods, and packaging waste recycling.

The selection of materials in green packaging design should follow the following principles.

1. Lightweight, thinner, easy to separate, high performance.

2. Recyclable and renewable.

3. Edible.

4. Degradable.

5. Try to choose paper packaging materials.

6. Try to use the same material for packaging.

7. Try to make packaging reusable, not just packaging materials that can be recycled.

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2. The appearance of the green packaging

The appearance of the packaging is a major aspect of the packaging design. The appearance includes the size and shape of the packaging display surface. If the appearance design is reasonable, packaging materials can be saved, packaging costs can be reduced, and the pressure on environmental protection can be reduced. When considering the appearance of the packaging design, the geometry that saves raw materials should be selected first. Among various geometric bodies, if the volume is the same, the surface area of the spherical body is the smallest. For prisms, the surface area of a cube is smaller than that of a rectangular parallelepiped. For a cylinder, when the height of the cylinder is equal to the diameter of the bottom circle, its surface area is the smallest.

Excellent packaging shape design should follow the following principles.

1.Combining the product's own characteristics, make full use of the formal beauty of the product shape.

2. Adapt to market demand, carry out accurate market positioning, and create brand personality.

3. Use new technology and new materials.

3. Technical requirements for green packaging

To truly reach the standard of green packaging, green packaging technology is needed as a support. The technology mentioned here includes equipment, technology, energy and printing technology used in packaging design. The so-called green technology refers to a technological system that can reduce pollution, reduce consumption, control pollution or improve ecology. The technology of green packaging design includes the following points.

1.The processing equipment and the energy used should be environmentally friendly, and should not produce any gas, liquid, light, heat, smell, etc. that are harmful to the environment. And no toxic or harmful substances are produced during processing.

2. Strengthen research on detachable packaging design so that consumers can easily disassemble the packaging in accordance with environmental protection requirements.

3. Strengthen the research and development of green additives and green inks.

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