Introduction of Coffee Paper Cup
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Introduction of Coffee Paper Cup

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Coffee paper cup is a paper cup used to hold coffee, and its appearance is better than ordinary paper cups. The most commonly used coffee paper cup is a paper-plastic cup, with a layer of paper on the outside and a layer of coated paper on the inside, which is an inner polyethylene plastic film. Although the outer layer of the coffee paper cup is paper, but the inner layer of plastic film is in contact with the food, it is controversial whether this kind of cup is defined as a disposable paper cup or a plastic cup.

Coffee paper cups appeared with the production of coffee, and the coffee cup was born with the widespread spread of coffee. With the birth of the coffee cup, the value of coffee is also more evident.

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Coffee paper cups are made by laminating the base paper of the paper cup into paper cup paper, printing, die cutting, and forming. Coffee paper cups are generally medium and high-end paper cups, such as corrugated cups, hollow cups, etc. In the use of coffee paper cups, consumers must first be assured of their quality and safety. Secondly, paper cups should also look good in form. While letting consumers feel that coffee is delicious, we should also let consumers feel that coffee paper cups have a certain personality. When using coffee paper cups to hold coffee, we should pay attention to the color matching of coffee cups. Drinking coffee is just like drinking water, it is a very common thing. But for a good cup of coffee, in addition to careful roasting and exquisite operation skills, coffee cups also play an extremely important role. The most basic requirement of a coffee cup is that the coffee paper cup must not react chemically with coffee. In addition, the body of the coffee cup should be thick and the mouth should not be wide open, so that the cup can condense the heat of the coffee, so that the coffee is not easy to cool down quickly, and will not affect the taste of the coffee.

Paper cups are generally divided into single-layer paper cups and double-layer paper cups. Single-layer paper cups are one of the disposable paper cups, also known as single-sided coated paper cups, that is, the layer inside the paper cup has a smooth PE coating. Single-layer cups are generally used to hold drinking water, which is convenient for people to drink. Single-layer paper cups are generally made of food-grade wood pulp paper and food-grade PE film. The double-layer paper cup, as the name implies, means that the paper cup has two layers. The quality of double-layer paper cups is better than that of single-layer paper cups. The use time of double-layer paper cups is also longer than that of single-layer paper cups. Generally, double-layer paper cups are used for hot drinks like hot coffee. Disposable coffee paper cups are not only convenient to use, but also give consumers a sense of elegance. So paper coffee cups are now popular with people.

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