How to Purchase a Good Paper Cup?
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How to Purchase a Good Paper Cup?

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As an appliance for food or drink, paper cups have been widely used in many quick drinking services such as friends gatherings, conference receptions, office self-service drinking and so on. And its health and safety performance directly affect the safety of consumers.

The quality of paper cup products currently on the market is uneven. When consumers buy and use paper cups, in addition to factors such as the quantity and price of the product, they also need to pay attention to the following issues.

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1. Purchase according to the use of the paper cup.

Consumers should pay attention to the use of paper cups when buying paper cups, and choose paper cups reasonably according to different uses. Paper cups are divided into cold drink cups, hot drink cups and ice cream cups. The applicable temperature is different for different uses. For example, wax-coated cups are usually used to hold cold drinks, such as cola, but cannot be used to hold hot drinks. Otherwise, the wax layer on the surface of the paper cup will easily melt and mix into the food, which will affect the safety of use. At present, most of the paper cups on the market are coated paper cups, which are mainly coated on one side inside the cup, and there is no coating layer on the outside of the cup, which can be used to hold hot drinks. Such paper cups are not recommended for holding cold drinks, because condensed water is likely to form on the outer wall of the cup when holding cold drinks, which can easily cause the cup body to soften, decrease its stiffness, and easily deform the paper cup.

2. Only buy qualified paper cups.

Consumers should go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy paper cups, and give priority to paper cup products of well-known brands. Most of the paper cup products circulating in regular shopping malls and supermarkets have passed inspections. Products of well-known brands usually occupy larger shelves, so consumers can buy with confidence.

3. The product information on the paper cup should be clear.

When purchasing paper cups, check whether the product identification information is sufficient and clear. Paper cup products or labels should clearly indicate the product name, trademark, material, executive standard number, production date and shelf life, etc. If the content is not fully marked, it is best not to buy it.

4. Don't buy inferior paper cups.

Whether the paper cup is inferior, we can judge from the following aspects.

1). Check whether the packaging and sealing are complete and whether the font printing is clear. Try not to buy products with damaged packaging seals and illegible printing.

2). Check whether the inner and outer surfaces of the paper cup and the bottom of the cup are clean, whether there are stains, deformation, mildew, and whether the thickness is uniform.

3). Check whether the paper cup has a peculiar smell. When buying paper cups, if possible, you can open the package and smell it. If there is a peculiar smell, please do not buy it.

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