How to Deal With Discarded Shopping Bags
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How to Deal With Discarded Shopping Bags

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If you look at all the items in your home, you will find that there are many shopping bags that you can't decide to throw them away or keep them. Because there are many items that you didn't buy by yourself, but were given as gifts during shopping. Nowadays, merchants carefully design product packaging, and often hope that when consumers buy products, the attached items will still have a promotional effect. So now there are more and more exquisite shopping bags, plastic bags, cloth bags, paper bags and packaging boxes and so on. These exquisite gifts always make people hesitate. It's a pity to throw them away, because the quality is so good, and maybe they can still be used in the future. But if you don’t throw them away, there are already a lot of things in your house. Where should you put these new accessories? So today we will share with you how to deal with these various bags and boxes.

1. Leave only the plastic bag of the size you need

When you go shopping for groceries, shopping malls, and fruit, you will bring home all kinds of plastic bags, large or small. At the beginning, you follow the method of folding and storing on the Internet, and store the plastic bags neatly, and you can use them again. But over time, you will find that whether it is a drawer or a storage bag, the plastic bags inside will accumulate more and more. You have no room to place other things. At this time, you have to learn to choose. First of all, no matter how good the material of the bag itself is and how beautiful the color is, please remember that it is just a plastic bag. You don't need to put away every plastic bag. You can determine which bags are usable according to the size you need, and if not, clean them up and discard them in time.

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2. Leave only the necessary quantity of cloth bags

The collection of cloth bags is slightly more difficult than plastic bags. Generally, cloth bags are used for packaging bags for tobacco and alcohol, and cloth bags are also used for shopping bags in supermarkets. These cloth bags or other harder materials will be preserved by many families because of their durability and strength. Due to the large size and different shapes, their storage is always a problem, because they take up more space and are not easy to stack. First of all, you need to specify the number of bags to be used by yourself. For example, I do not use cloth bags more than 5 times in a month. Considering the source and size of the cloth bags, I can keep 10 cloth bags in different sizes. But if there are new cloth bags at home, I will throw away some of the old ones.

3. Packing box

For the packaging box, I would not recommend any reservations. Although these packaging boxes look good, they will take up a lot of space when placed at home. If you want to keep these packaging boxes, then leave one or two for decoration. Too many will be too messy.


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