How to Choose Garbage Bags
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How to Choose Garbage Bags

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Garbage bags can be said to be an indispensable item in the home. People who often do housework should know that although garbage bags are mediocre, a good quality garbage bag is very important. So with so many garbage bags, how do you choose a cheap and easy-to-use garbage bag among all of the garbage bags?

1. Raw materials

Many cheap garbage bags on the market are made from recycled materials. The main sources of recycled materials are waste from the production of convenient bags, domestic waste plastics, various packaging bags, etc. Such garbage bags are poisonous, smelly, easy to break, leaking, and have poor load-bearing capacity. It is best not to use such garbage bags!

How to judge whether the garbage bag is made of new material or recycled material?

Smell: Garbage bags made of new materials have no peculiar smell, while garbage bags made of recycled materials tend to have a strong fragrance. This is actually to cover the peculiar smell of toxic materials.

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Look: garbage bags made of new materials have a silver metallic luster, while garbage bags made of recycled materials are dull in color.

Test: The quality of garbage bags is determined by their toughness. Garbage bags made of new materials have strong toughness, while garbage bags made of recycled materials lack toughness.

2. The thickness

Although the trash bag looks very thin, of course it is actually very thin, but we must also pay attention to its thickness. We all know that garbage bags that are too thin must have weak bearing capacity, and it is generally difficult to meet user requirements. But for daily use, the garbage bag should not be too thick, too thick will increase the cost. The production thickness of garbage bags mainly depends on the production materials and film blowing machine. In the film blowing process, the better the raw materials, the smoother the film blowing of the product, but also the thinner it can be.

3. The size

If there is no problem with the raw materials and thickness of the garbage bag, then there is no problem with its quality. The next step is to choose the right size of trash bag according to the size of your trash can! Now there are also different styles of trash cans, but generally speaking, most of them are cylindrical and square buckets. Therefore, when choosing trash bags, you should also choose trash bags according to the shape and size of the trash can, so as not to cause the trash bags to be too small to be used, or the trash bags are too large to cause waste.


In addition to the above factors that we should consider when buying garbage bags, the environmental protection of garbage bags should also be considered. For example, the latest garbage bags using PE materials have no peculiar smell, are harmless to the human body, will not produce harmful gases, and can be used healthily in life.

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