Global Packaging Trends Under Environmental Protection Needs
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Global Packaging Trends Under Environmental Protection Needs

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Packaging often attracts consumers' attention at first glance, and product packaging can be said to be as important as the products inside. Packaging can protect products that are transported over long distances, and at the same time play a role in branding. Then we will now talk about the current development trend of the global packaging industry.

1. Plant-based packaging

With the looming goal of circular economy, the trend of using recycled plastics in packaging is on the rise. The British government will implement a tax on plastic packaging from April 2022, imposing fines on companies to use recycled plastics. In the past few years, consumers’ attention to plastics has grown considerably, and packaging with recyclable materials is one way to address these concerns. Some companies are constantly developing new packaging materials to ensure that their packaging is made of biodegradable packaging or degradable packaging.

For example, a well-known British department store has introduced an edible water bottle made of seaweed and contains filtered London tap water. Compared with other water bottles, this product has a much lower carbon dioxide content. Compared with other liquid or beverage containers in food stores, this is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. This innovative bottle is designed in consideration of the growing problem of environmental waste. If it is thrown into the trash can, it can be degraded into the original element.

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2. Environmentally sustainable

In 2019, the proportion of products in the Asia-Pacific region claiming to use environmentally friendly packaging rose to 13% (2016: 9%), and the proportion of products using recycled packaging reached 10% (2016: 8%). By 2030, consumers will expect food, beverage and catering brands to innovate in products and services to make the recycling and reuse of product packaging easier. At the same time, according to the 2019 consumer survey, more and more consumers believe that food and beverage companies should only use sustainable packaging. FMCG brands are increasingly aware that the environmentally friendly nature of packaging is one of the keys selling points of packaged consumer goods. Many brands promise to use 100% recyclable materials to package their products. In addition, the antipathy to plastics and the expectation of more environmentally friendly packaging solutions that are biodegradable and compostable have greatly promoted the market application and technological development of environmentally friendly packaging. The data shows that the compound annual growth rate of new food and beverage products using degradable packaging is 16.4%, and the compound annual growth rate of products using compostable packaging is 53.9%.

3. Technology & Transparency

In the era of artificial intelligence, various industries are being spurred by more and more new technologies. There is no doubt that technology has also changed the packaging industry in recent years. According to a study by a biodegradable packaging company, nearly half of British consumers would like to see clearer labels on products without plastic packaging. Similarly, nearly half of consumers welcome the introduction of labels to identify whether the packaging is compostable. 54% of shoppers regard product visibility as an important factor. Therefore, there are more and more transparent packaging made of translucent materials, which allows consumers to clearly see the products they buy.


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