Features of Paper Packaging
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Features of Paper Packaging

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In our daily life, we may see all kinds of exquisite packaging. With the current homogenization trend of various commodities, packaging has become the third important factor in determining sales and building brand image after product quality and after-sales service. Packaging has evolved from the original product protection and easy-to-use functions to increasing product value, shaping brand awareness, and promoting sales. Packaging design has become an important part of the marketing. As one of the four major packaging, paper packaging, with the continuous development of paper materials and processing technology, is becoming more diversified and more creative. The proper structure, practicality, and novel appearance of paper packaging have become important factors for businesses to enhance product and brand competition.

Excellent paper packaging will break through the limitations of previous paper packaging and give full play to the good physical properties of paper and the applicability of printing. At the same time, they can fully demonstrate the protection, convenience, display, aesthetics, and economic applicability of paper packaging, increase the added value of the products, and improve sales capabilities.

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From production to recycling, paper packaging includes different steps of processing technology, storage and transportation environment, marketing and display, consumption and use, and recycling. The technical requirements and functional requirements of each step are the main basis for paper packaging design. These key factors are interrelated and restrict each other, and require in-depth investigation by designers. The recent emergence of folding cartons requires more preparation for the design of similar investigation. Their production process must be suitable for industrialized production of folding program design, cutting, indentation, slotting, one-time molding, expansion, folding, and display.

The selection of paper materials is also the key to creating excellent paper packaging. The current papermaking technology is quite advanced, and paper materials have developed from traditional single to diversified varieties and specialized functions. For example, paper materials used for food packaging have a variety of new materials, such as water absorption, waterproofing, heat preservation, solar energy conversion, pomace paper, bean dregs paper, carrot paper, long-lasting anti-mold paper, fresh-keeping paper, acrylic synthetic paper, foam paper, self-adhesive wrapping paper, rigid light-weight wrapping paper, etc. Different products have their own special requirements for paper packaging, including packaging regulations and standards and the needs of businesses themselves. Therefore, packaging designers should have a more specific understanding of the structure, grain direction, weight and thickness of various paper materials. Only by using the properties of paper materials properly can you create amazing paper packaging perfectly.

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