Features of Japanese Packaging Design
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Features of Japanese Packaging Design

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Japan's design industry has always been in a leading position in the world, and Japanese packaging design also has its own unique characteristics. A large number of products need a huge market, and good packaging can help these products expand the market, so now companies will pay more attention to the packaging design of their products. Let's take a look at the characteristics of Japanese packaging design.

1. Exquisite technology and careful design

Japanese packaging will always impress us. From the surface of the packaging, the depth is shown in the creation of graphics and the use of colors. It can be seen from this that the designer pays great attention to the choice of materials and the craftsmanship. Especially for the integration of images, colors and national culture, this fully demonstrates the embodiment of Japanese wisdom in packaging.

This wisdom is also reflected in the following aspects.

a. The material industry, processing technology and packaging-related systems have been developed quite well, such as the modernization of traditional crafts such as paper, lacquerware, and woodware.

b. Solid research on graphic design and methods. Japanese packaging design combines traditional craftsmanship with modernization, all of which make the packaging design show a better sense of quality. Therefore, no matter how small a product is in Japan, you will not be able to see that it is shoddy. From a single product to a series of product combinations, from machine-made to hand-made, every piece of work is exquisite and fascinating.

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2. Both Western and Japanese packaging have their own style

Japanese packaging design always makes everyone feel that Japan is a society where supply exceeds demand and goods are abundant. The design style of Japanese packaging can be roughly divided into two categories, one is the modern "Western" style, and the other is the combination of the traditional "Japanese" and "Western" styles.

Just like the girls on the streets of Japan, they have exaggerated looks and wear exaggerated fashions. But there are also some girls who wear traditional kimonos and clogs, their steps are small, and their behavior is subtle. Japanese packaging combines these two styles very well.

When Japanese designers are developing their own national characteristics, they also strive to keep their works advanced with the times, thus producing a new fashion style. On the basis of traditional oriental culture, Japanese packaging has continued to develop and innovate, and has walked out of its own unique path.

3. Environmental protection concept

The concept of environmental protection is ubiquitous in Japanese packaging design and production. Japan is an island country with a small land and a large population. The inherent resource crisis makes them form a strong environmental awareness, and this sense of worry is reflected in many aspects. Similarly, in packaging design, designers will consciously consider environmental issues, and designers will be more willing to choose environmentally friendly and recyclable materials when designing.

The above are some of the characteristics of Japanese packaging design. It is precisely because of these characteristics that Japanese packaging is very popular and imitated.

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