Factors Affecting Box Printing Part One
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Factors Affecting Box Printing Part One

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With the current homogenization of commodities, the external image of commodities becomes more and more important in the fierce market competition. Color boxes have become an excellent choice for the external image packaging of commodities because of their high-end, exquisite and beautiful appearance. The color box is not only light weight, easy to carry, but also has a wide range of raw materials, and has excellent environmental protection. Today we will share the different factors that affect the quality of color box printing.

1. The influence of film

The developing and fixing process of the film after exposure is directly related to the clarity and contrast of the image on the film. Therefore, for plate-making film, the key is to look at the density of the graphic part and the contrast between the graphic part and the non-graphic part. The higher the density, the greater the contrast, the better the quality of the plate-making film, and the quality of the printing produced with it can be guaranteed. In addition, the thickness of the plate-making film base also affects the quality of the plate-making. Generally, thin films have better effects than thick films.

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2. The impact of printing

During the printing process, the intensity of the light source, the distance between the light source and the plate, and the length of the exposure time will all affect the printing quality. Under a certain light source and distance, as the exposure time increases, the decomposing part of the plate material that is exposed to light will intensify, until the surface of the exposed part of the coating is completely decomposed. If the exposure time continues to increase, the edge of the medicated film that is not exposed to light will gradually decompose due to the strong light radiation, and the graphics and text lines of the printing plate produced in this way will become thinner, even broken and blurred. However, if the exposure time is insufficient, the surface of the non-graphic part will not be completely decomposed. After the printing plate is developed, the non-graphic part will still have the medicine film, which will become dirty when printing on the machine. In addition, it must be noted that the exposure time required for different brands of printing plates is different.

3. Influence of development

If the developer concentration is too high and the development is too fast, it is easy to cause the printing plate to be overdeveloped, making the graphic lines thin, the small dots are lost or the graphic is thin and unclear, which affects the printing quality of the color box. If the concentration of the developer is too small, it is difficult to clean the medicated film surface that is decomposed by light, and it is easy to dirty the plate when printing on the machine. If the developing time is too long, the medicated surface of the printing plate will be easily dissolved, and the graphics and text of the printing plate will become lighter and thinner, resulting in false and unclear imprints during printing. If the developing time is too short, the medicinal film surface that is decomposed by light is not easy to be completely removed, and it is easy to get dirty during printing.

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