Elements of the Gift Box
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Elements of the Gift Box

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The gift box is a practical gift packaging equipped with the main purpose of giving gifts to relatives and friends to express affection. It is an extension of the social needs of a function of the packaging method. Gift boxes are an expression of our love for those who receive gifts. The lovely gifts we make by our own hands or the lovely products we buy, without exception, must have a packaging that can reflect the effect. This packaging is either romantic, mysterious, surprise, or shocking. When the person receiving the gift slowly opens the box, it is like opening a secret forest. This is the meaning of the gift box.

According to the packaging materials, gift boxes can be divided into paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal, bamboo and wood packaging, glass containers, and composite packaging etc. Generally, paper packaging is mostly used for gift boxes. Paper packaging is environmentally friendly, simple in production and processing, and the recycling rate of packaging waste is also high. At the same time, paper packaging is generally designed to be very beautiful. When it comes to design, what design elements should there be on a package?

1. The pattern of the box

The pattern of a gift box packaging design is very important. In the eyes of consumers, in addition to the shape of the product, special attention is paid to the pattern design of the gift box packaging. The pattern design of the gift box packaging are just like the pictures in the advertisement, and its importance is undeniable.

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2. Label.

The label on the product packaging is generally printed with the content of the package and the main ingredients included in the product, the brand icon, the product quality level, the manufacturer of the product, the date of manufacture, the expiration date, and the method of operation. This is an indispensable element of packaging.

3. Color matching of the box

The color matching of the gift box packaging design can be said to be the main component of the packaging. Consumers pay much attention to the color matching of gift box packaging. The color matching of the gift box is a combination that highlights the characteristics of the product. It can strengthen brand characteristics and has a certain appeal.

4. The shape of the box

Suitable packaging shapes are beneficial to storage, transportation and placement, and also beneficial to merchandise sales. Therefore, the shape of the gift box packaging is an indispensable key component.

5. Logo

Logo is a key component of the gift packaging for a brand, and it occupies a key factor in the overall gift box packaging.

6. The material of the gift box

The selection of materials for the gift box will not only affect the production cost of the gift box, but also have a certain impact on the market competition of the product being packed.

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