Design Style Characteristics of European and American Packaging Boxes
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Design Style Characteristics of European and American Packaging Boxes

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The European and American packaging design style has always given the public the impression that it has infinitely magnified the direct pragmatic needs. Its purpose is very strong, that is, a series of packaging are designed to be able to protect the products, and of course some designs are used to better store the products. But no matter what style of packaging design you choose, it is for better sales. After all, the ultimate goal of goods is to be able to sell, so of course the packaging of goods should also serve this purpose. Now let's take a look at the characteristics of European and American packaging design styles.

Features 1.

In fact, judging from the early packaging design of food in Europe and American, the characteristics reflected are very straightforward, basically conveying to people the basic function of protecting the product. When designing, these packages are very concise. Its requirement is to convey some points that need to be expressed through visual forms. That is, it can tell consumers about the product in real terms, or convey it through textual descriptions. We often see some big European and American brands, which will directly display the name of the product on the packaging.

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Feature 2.

Another difference between European and American packaging design and Chinese packaging design is mainly reflected in the connotation. Some traditional Chinese packaging is mostly implicit, but many European and American packaging design styles are simple and straightforward. This is mainly inseparable from the lifestyle and cultural habits of the East and the West. This is also the main reason why European and American packaging design styles are relatively bold and relatively open. However, different products may have different packaging design requirements, and the final design must be designed according to the product.

Feature 3.

Various packaging designs in Europe and America can be regarded as an inevitable manifestation of the industrial revolution in the development process. Their design more intuitively reflects the way people live and consume. Therefore, there is a feature in their packaging design, that is, they hope to be able to convey various commodity information more straightforwardly. Due to the relatively early industrial development in Europe and America, both advertising and packaging have very comprehensive legislative regulations. They all hope that all relevant data and instructions can be expressed in as much detail as possible on the packaging.

Feature 4.

The packaging colors of products used in European and American styles will be bolder. The biggest difference in color is the obvious contrast with Korean style or Japanese style. We will find that most of the European and American packaging is very bright in color and has a strong visual impact on people. But although sometimes the bright colors will leave a deep impression on people, sometimes they may not be very classy.

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