Common Problems in the Use of Paper Cups
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Common Problems in the Use of Paper Cups

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In daily life, for convenience and cleanliness, we often use disposable paper cups. In fact, people have a lot of problems during the use of paper cups. Today we will talk about some common problems in the use of paper cups.

1. Can the paper cup be heated in a microwave oven?

Sometimes the liquid in the paper cup is cold, and we want to warm it up in a microwave. But is the paper cup resistant to heat and can it be heated in a microwave oven? In fact, if the beverage needs to be microwaved, the liquid in the paper cup must be filled to 80 to 90% full to avoid the empty burning of the paper cup. Depending on the material of the coating, the coating of some paper cups can withstand a high temperature of 95°C. However, it is generally recommended to only microwave to warm, and the temperature below about 70°C is more appropriate.

2. Is the paper cup environmentally friendly?

The government has recently advocated the use of environmentally friendly materials and reusable food containers for environmental protection requirements, and has gradually reduced the scope of disposable tableware. However, as a disposable product, paper cups are very convenient for the catering industry and consumers, and it is difficult to be replaced by other forms at a short time. Apart from banning paper cups, are there other ways to achieve environmental protection requirements? In fact, there are, but this requires the joint efforts of everyone.

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First, paper cups need better recycling management. In many countries, there are more detailed classifications for the recycling of paper cups, so that consumers can clearly distinguish the classification of the paper cups they have used. However, in some countries, paper cups and cartons are often recycled as paper, but in fact, the processing process of waste paper containers is different from that of general paper recycling. Consumers are not clear about the difference, which makes recycling impossible. This also reflects one point on the side. If there is a good recycling system, paper cups can be recycled without harming the environment.

And now many manufacturers are also producing paper cups made of PLA as raw materials. Since PLA is a degradable material, this also allows disposable paper cups to be degraded in the natural environment, reducing the harm to the environment. In fact, as long as we can devote more advocacy and education to make people more aware of the recycling of paper cups.

At the same time, if we can plan suitable classifications for paper containers at various types of garbage collection points to make the recycling process smoother, then the damage to the environment by paper cups will be minimal.


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