Bubble Packaging Bag Classification
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Bubble Packaging Bag Classification

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The bubble film is made of high-pressure polyethylene. It is a transparent flexible packaging material that is currently widely used and has a wide range of uses. The principle of bubble film is that the film contains air to form bubbles to prevent product impact, to ensure that the product is protected when it is shaken, and it also has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation, which is suitable for different product packaging in various industries! Since the middle layer of the air cushion film is full of air, it is light, flexible, soundproof, shockproof, and wear-resistant. At the same time, it is waterproof, moisture-proof and compressive.

The bubble bag is made of bubble film. Bubble bags are divided into single layer and double layer. Single layer bubble bags are suitable for protecting products that are lighter in weight. The double layer bubble bag has strong shock resistance and is suitable for packaging larger and heavier items. Single layer and double layer bubble bags are suitable for packaging products in various industries. Single layer and double layer bubble bags can be equipped with anti-static bubble bags, as well as different colors and printing. It can also be compounded with other materials to increase protection and beauty.

According to different materials, bubble bags can be divided into the following categories.

1. Kraft paper bubble bag.

Kraft paper bubble bags are divided into white kraft paper bubble bags and yellow kraft paper bubble bags. Its outer layer is kraft paper, and the inner layer is covered with a cushioning bubble film. It has the advantages of light weight and environmental protection, the surface can be used for writing, and the seal can be equipped with an easy-to-tear tape. It is widely used in book delivery, company sample delivery, electronic product packaging, etc.

2. Pearlescent film bubble bag.

The outer layer of the pearlescent film bubble bag is a pearlescent film, and the inner layer is a buffer bubble film. It has the advantages of bright and beautiful appearance, good waterproof and anti-fouling performance, etc. It is widely used in the transportation and packaging of clothing, electronic products, craft glass products, gifts, jewelry, etc.

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3. Co-extruded film bubble bag.

The outer layer of the co-extruded film bubble bag is a co-extruded film, and the inner layer is a buffer bubble film. Co-extruded film adopts two or more layers of co-extruded film. It has high-end appearance, high stiffness, excellent toughness and waterproof performance, and good color performance. It is the first choice for clothing e-commerce.

4. Aluminized bubble bag.

Aluminized film bubble bag, the outer layer is ambilight aluminized film, and the inner layer is equipped with a buffer bubble film. In addition to the advantages of the above bubble bag, it also has the characteristics of optional appearance and color, and these characteristics are personalized, giving people a cool feeling.

In addition to the types of bubble bags commonly used in the express e-commerce industry, there are also pearl cotton bubble bags, coated kraft paper bags, no outer bubble bags, synthetic paper bubble bags, and aluminum foil insulation bags. You can choose different types of bubble bags according to the characteristics of your products.

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