Advantages of Paper Packaging Boxes
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Advantages of Paper Packaging Boxes

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Packaging design is an important category in brand marketing. For product-oriented companies, excellent packaging design is comparable to gold sales. In our lives today, many paper packaging are widely used. With the rapid economic development, the world's environmental protection is also increasing, and paper-based environmentally friendly packaging is constantly replacing those non-recyclable packaging. So what are the advantages of environmentally friendly paper packaging boxes?

1. Price advantage

The biggest advantage of paper packaging boxes is simple processing and low cost. The production and processing of paper packaging boxes is very simple, whether it is traditional or modern intelligent production technology, it can be processed more easily and at low cost. Because the paper packaging box can be recycled and reused, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In addition, paper materials are inexpensive and light in weight and easy to transport. But other packaging boxes, such as metal packaging boxes, wooden boxes, glass boxes, leather boxes, etc., these packaging boxes are not so cheap compared to paper packaging boxes. Of course, some people may want to say that plastic packaging boxes are cheaper than paper packaging boxes, but plastics are not environmentally friendly, and plastic packaging boxes are not as good-looking as paper packaging boxes. This is also the most important aspect of our vigorous development of paper packaging.\

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2. Technical advantage

The current technology of paper packaging boxes is developing rapidly. Paper packaging boxes have the following characteristics, including moisture-proof, waterproof, packaging curing, mildew-proof, sterile, anti-static, anti-odor, etc. And they can shrink, stretch, keep fresh, etc. Moreover, the material of the environmentally friendly paper packaging box has good flexibility, tearability, hardness controllability, and is easy to be made into various shapes.

The paper packaging box is easy to print. In order to better explain the product, it is necessary to print text and exquisite patterns on the packaging box. It is very convenient to print with high-end technology such as refractive, varnish, matte, UV, etc. on the paper material, and the printing cost is very low, but it is difficult to print on other materials. Therefore, paper-based environmentally friendly color boxes can almost replace most packaging boxes of other materials.

3. Policy advantage

Due to the requirements of modern development for environmental protection, there are various support policies for environmentally friendly materials all over the world. As a kind of environmentally friendly materials, paper materials are also strongly supported by the country when they are used to make packaging boxes. This is also a good development opportunity for the paper packaging box industry

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